Adfox — the online ad management platform for media publishers

Adfox helps owners of websites, video resources, and mobile apps to manage ad impressions, collect statistics, and analyze campaign effectiveness.


When you register in Adfox, you immediately become a partner of the Yandex Advertising Network. All the features
of the Adfox ad management platform are available in a unified interface with the Yandex Advertising Network.

A variety of targeting

Take advantage of a wide range of targeting options and flexible settings to identify your audience, optimize your ad impressions, and target individual users of your site or app.

One interface for all your monetization options

Manage programmatic advertising, direct sales, and your in-house promotions via Adfox in a common interface with the Yandex Advertising Network.

Detailed advertising

Check statistics on campaigns, banners, website sections, and platforms to evaluate your campaign in real time and adjust as needed. You can access your reports in the Adfox interface or download them in Excel format.

Advanced monetization with Adfox

Monetization models

  • Monetization with the Yandex Advertising Network 
  • Monetization with other ad networks
  • Managing direct sales and in-house promotions

    Dynamic monetization

    Allows the owner of the site to get the highest revenue from advertising by bringing together YAN, direct sales, and other advertising systems in a single auction.

    Header Bidding

    A programmatic technology that offers publishers a way to simultaneously accept bids from different DSP systems and choose the best bid in a dynamic monetization auction.

    Advertising formats

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